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1,Q:Is it possible to print logo/name/serial number/Barcode/QR code on it?

Yes.You can send us all the print details. We will make sample photo to approve before mass


2,Q:Would it be possible to have the logo on one side and print numbers on the other side?

Yes.But the price will be different.

3,Q:Can you send me some samples?

We can send free samples in freight collect.

4,Q:Can you offer plastic seal in different colors?

Yes.Various colors are available.

5,Q:How many seals are in a row or together?
For plastic seal,normally they are made as 5pcs or10 seals joined together.

For container seal,they are individual but can be packed 10pcs per plastic box.

6,Q:What is your normal delivery time?

The stock can be despatched same day. For personalised seals lead time will depend on quantity, colour and type of personalisation  required.

7,Q:Could you send price list?
We have many different combinations of size, length, colour and print options so we prefer to quote on an individual basis. We provide very fast quotations by email or telephone based on customer requirements.

8,Q:Can you speak English and answer my calls from time to time.

Yes.We all can speak english.Welcome your calls at any time!

9,Q:Could you send the catalogue?

Yes.My pleasure.

10,Q:Could you deliver the cartons to Guangzhou/Yiwu/Beijing?
Yes.We can send goods to the pointed address.

11,Q:How should we pay?

We will send invoice with bank details.

12,Q:Can the other side of the plastic seal be written with a pen?

Yes,You can write what you want to add with an oily pen, and it won't fade.

13,Q:We have a company representative that is planning on visiting your area, is there a possibility they could meet with you and take a tour?

Welcome to our factory.

14,What's the MOQ?

Plastic Seal:10000-20000PCS

Metal Seal:1-10000pcs



Contact: Season Zhu

Mobile: 0086-13396573130

Tel: 0086-571-86518183

Email: info@alkeseal.com

Whatsapp: 0086-13396573130

Add: Building 32, Great World Hardware Mall,Jianggan District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang

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